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Phideaux Rehearsal/Recording

Pasadena, CA

Here's what it's like when Val's vocals get recorded.

I took a break from touring back to my home of Seattle to go to the beautiful Pasadena, CA to do some work rehearsing with Phideaux.

I play keyboards and saxophone for Phideaux‘s band, which only does an average of one show per year. We are all spread so far across the country that the only way we can rehearse is to all fly in for a three day weekend of 12 hour days every once in a while. This was our last weekend before we start to prepare for our show at the Summer’s End progressive rock festival in Lydney, Gloucestershire, England on October 8th.

We also presumably finished up recording for Phideaux’s next album, “Snowtorch.” Hopefully this album will be released this year and I can finally hear it.

Only a few more days of tour and then I’m going to have to relax a bit in Jolly Old Seattle.