New Album 2011!

I know what you’ve been wondering. You’ve been wondering where I have been. Why hasn’t Johnny Unicorn seen the light of day since the start of Winter? Contained in this very blog post is the answer to that question, and possibly the answers to a few more.

I have been holed up in my room (and various other rooms) writing, recording, and mixing my new album, which ended up doubling in length when I added nearly forty more minutes of music to it. I have also been struggling to create the artwork for the album. I have also been booking the two month summer tour that is going to accompany the release of this album (and the release of my savings). Although I had help from a lot of people. On the album, I had much help, including drummer Alex Hamel, who not only played a bunch of instruments, but did the sound engineering for at least one quarter of the album. I had many guest musicians, who made the album much better…there are too many to name here. They’re listed on the album, but one thing I didn’t mention is the help of my live band, Naomi Adele and Rogelio G Garcia, who provided an extended collaborative improvisation during the middle section of the song “Aware Of the Bear.” This band will hopefully make appearances on future records. The Autumn Electric‘s Michael Trew has helped me with the booking a little bit. But even with all that help, I’ve still been spending all my time working on this project.

The album, “Thinking Hard To Overcome Nervousness,” will be released, if all goes according to plan, on Tuesday, June 14th. It will become available for purchase online and at shows on my tour on the classic compact disc format. It will be presented in a gatefold lp-style cover, and served in a protective sleeve. You will not be able to stop touching the cover, and you will not be able to stop looking at the beautiful silkscreen printing on the compact disc. You had better back it up once you get it, so that when you ruin the cd forever by touching it with your oily fingers, you will at least still be able to listen to this album, which is destined to be one of the last classics before the death of art.

There are twelve songs, divided into four parts. Part one is to make you smile. Part two is to make you embarrassed. Part three is to make you angry. And part four is to make you reconsider your recent purchasing decision. You are not obligated to listen to all 78 minutes and 51 seconds of this album in one sitting. You are allowed to take breaks in between each part. But you must listen to the entirety of each of the parts – uninterrupted –  if you truly want to have the full music experience.

Thank you for your patience. The album will be released shortly.

One response to “New Album 2011!

  1. Hello friends,

    Hi Johnny,
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    I am very keen on keeping in touch with you. Recently I have read very interesting review of your album entitled “Sweet Edith Manton” on the DPRP web site. It seems very promising and I know that your current album is absolutely not available in Poland and that’s why I am applying to you with very kind request about sending me the promotional and complimentary copy of it. Can you help me with it, please? I am very anxious about hearing your music after all these good things which I have read in the review. I want to use your album for the radio promotion and spreading the word about your musical activity amongst Polish listeners of progressive music. Is it possible to receive any further information concerning your musical/production activity? I am very interested in any detail you could give. I would highly appreciate receiving your CD with personal dedication on the booklet from the band specially for me, if possible. It would be a great boast of my private collection…And of course if you want I can send you a tape or CDR with eudio file(s) of my radio show in which your recordings will be featured. If only the review of your album appears in Metal Hammer magazine, the copy will be provided to you.

    But most of all I would like to ask you to keep in touch with me and keep me informed about news and any firm details concerning your musical activity. I look forward to hearing from you soon,

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