Johnny Unicorn’s Universe!

Each day lately has been an self-imposed mountain of work…work that does not pay (at least financially, in the short-term); work to provide services that only a very few people are actually asking for…I’m really just doing all this music for myself in the end. My upcoming album is very enjoyable for me. I’m only making it so I can have it, and so I can stop working on these songs, and move on to the next thing. The extra work I’ve been doing is preparing for the tour, so I can bring this stuff to all the people who might also benefit from it. If there are only 200 people in the entire world who would like my music, I want every single one of them to have it.  It would be so easy if I could know for sure that that was the limit of my fanbase. Then I would dispense with all this work and just send them what they need directly, and then i’d go to a trade school and get a full time job. Until I know who all my fans are, I’m doing this only for the love of it.

One thing I love is performing music with a group. I had a group performing just my songs back in 2001. The group was called Hoser. That was what I had called myself for the previous ten years.  It was an eye-opening experience. Hearing songs I wrote performed by a rock band was very nice. But it wasn’t long before that band got transmutated into a completely different band, and for about three years, I was only doing collaborative work, leaving my solo project on the backburner. In 2005 I started recording my own music. I was convinced of the impossibility of forming a band to play this music, since schedules were so hard to line up, and when I found out I could perform by myself and still put on a good show (i had made previous attempts to put on one-person solo shows that were very very boring), using my recently acquired sense of showmanship, I started doing that. And except for a couple of very brief one or two show bands, that was all I did.

After a year and a half in the city of Seattle, it seemed I would be around for a while,  so I started looking for a band. I found one. On bass synthesizer is Naomi Adele.  She also performs keyboard and various other instruments in the Autumn Electric. On the drum kit is Roy Garcia, who I saw at a show sitting in with a band and said “hey, be in my band,” and it happened. He and Naomi had also worked together in the past, so I knew that there could be good communication. We have performed two shows as of this writing, and there will be more in the future. I also am on the look out for a full horn section, and another guitarist. My eventual goal is to dispense with my own instruments altogether, so I can focus on dressing up in costumes and touching audience members.

This will be a picture-free post. I have no pictures of this band yet. I know there are people who took pictures at the last show.

Anyway, that’s it. I just wanted to tell you about my new band. I’m very happy about it. This summer, I will be touring by myself, since schedules and money don’t work out for a full band tour.


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