2011 Dream 1: Time Cats

I awoke in the past. I knew that I was somewhere in the 20’s or 30’s, but could not be exactly sure, as the temporal positioning unit on the time transporter was not 100% accurate. I arrived in the grassy backyard of a large Victorian mansion somewhere in the Eastern half of the U.S. The house was on a North/South street, with the backyard on the Western side. The perimeter of the property was lined with a white picket fence. The Northern edge of the backyard had a steep slope that was covered in shrubs and had a lot of trees. In fact, there were enough trees to shade most of the yard.

There were a lot of cats. Some had almost human faces, hairless, but dark grey and leathery, with very wide mouths, the rest of their bodies covered in regular cat fur. Some had faces catlike faces, but wore clothing. All of them were the size of baby bears.

There, in the backyard, I met a group of animal rights activists. They too had traveled back in time. Their sole purpose in this time was to help the oppressed cat-people by getting people to vote for pro-cat legislation. Presumably, the failure of the cat movement had caused such negative repercussions for the future that for the future to be repaired required fixing the problem in a different time. I did not quite understand why they couldn’t have stayed in their own time and fought the problem there. It would be far less costly. Perhaps there were no cat people left in the future. Anyway, at the time, I did not seem to really even think about it enough to ask any questions.

What I did want to know was how time travel worked. And what was the meaning behind it? And I wanted to continue to travel to other times, and learn and grow that way. I was just excited to be doing it in the first place. I had, in this very short space of time, fallen in love with the leader of the animal rights organization (not that what she looks like matters, but it might be important for you people reading this that she looked very much like Zoe from Firefly). She was not interested in coming with me to other times. She wanted to stay where she was and help the cat-people, and she wanted me to stay with her (she evidently had also fallen in love with me).

I did not stay asleep long enough to see the outcome of that situation.


One response to “2011 Dream 1: Time Cats

  1. I found this a very enjoyable story,

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