Johnny Unicorn new thing!

I just came across an old pile of music tapes and things. I have decided that, for those who sign up on my mailing list at, I will send a link to an unreleased mp3 every couple of weeks for as long as “makes sense.”

These mp3’s are going to be unreleased recordings. That means they were not fit to be heard by human ears. For those privileged few who decide they want to get e-mails from me, there will be an unending supply of unheard recordings waiting in some of those e-mails. They will be old, dirty, badly performed songs. They will be new, polished songs from three albums in the future. They will be audio recordings of things that are not music at all. They will be demonstrations of possible songs. They will be .mid files some of the time.

If you have chosen to receive this influx of noise from my audio library, you will get a rare look into the musical mind of Johnny Unicorn. The curtain will be torn open, and you will see the inner workings of the laboratory. Mysteries will be shattered, and the ugly truth beneath the surface will be revealed, slimy, squirming, screaming, often difficult to look at; often horrifying to hear. You will hear out of tune singing, unskilled guitar playing, recording that is below substandard, words that never should have been heard.

It was only after listening to R. Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink that I decided it was okay to hear this stuff. And if you don’t like it, you can delete it from your hard drive. If you DO like it, you can send it off to a friend.

Thank you, and remember, you must go to my website to sign up for my mailing list (I can’t be bothered to figure out how to install the plug-in for wordpress at the moment).

-Johnny Unicorn


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