Halloween 2010

Seattle, WA

I perform as the Ice Overlord

We had a party at the Tiger House (as I’m calling it for now) and we had bands play. The bands that performed were as follows:

The Autumn Electric
Johnny Unicorn
Horace Pickett

It was Halloween, so many people who attended the party were dressed in costume. Let’s see if I can remember the costumes:

A satyr
Two hobos
A day of the dead person
A calculator
Weird Al Yankovic
Westley (from Princess Bride)
A police officer
A jellyfish
The Tooth Fairy
Perseus and presumably Andromeda
Willy Wonka
Harry Potter
Wonder Woman
A pirate
Peter Pan
A zombie bride
and that’s all I can remember.
I was the Ice Overlord

Here I am promoting my album.

The first band to perform, The Autumn Electric, did a great acoustic set.
The second band, me, did a set and it seemed pretty good.
The third band, Horace Pickett, performed well. Ryan acted like a wild animal.

No fights broke out.

There will be another show soon.

That’s it.


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