Horace Pickett, Tilted Stilts, and Me

Olympia, WA

As many of you may already know, I perform with this band called Horace Pickett. They are a rock band that draws a lot of influence from folk, 70’s rock, ragtime, classical, and whatever else. I live with the three guys who started the group, and when they aren’t working together, I often hear three different unfinished songs coming out of each of their rooms, and those songs eventually wind up in the rehearsal room being worked out by the three of them. The drummer, Emily Westman, and I joined the group to fill out the sound.  Emily is a songwriter as well, and is very good. I am, of course, crap at music making, as you know from reading my extensive internet writings. Anyways….where was I?

Oh yeah, so I finally performed my first show with Horace Pickett since being back from my 2010 Summer Tour Which Also Included A Fair Number of Breaks And At Least One Completely Separate Tour. We performed not in Seattle, but in the fair city of Olympia, WA, about an hour and a half south of Seattle. Olympia is named after the Olympics, which have been held every election year since the beginning of known history, and the city calls itself that in the hope that one day, the Olympic committee will agree to host their sporting event (long known as a replacement for, or the cause of, war) in their city. The entire population of the city has agreed in writing to build the stadium without pay out of stones and mud from Arizona and New Mexico should they ever need to build it. Until then, the citizens of this fine city wander the streets aimlessly, going from bar to bar, hoping to find something…they don’t know what…perhaps hidden gold, or a message from the Gods, or perhaps even themselves.

Those Olympians who were lucky enough to have wandered into the Eastside Club Tavern on October 15th found all of those things, and maybe more. I managed to weasel my way onto the bill to do my solo act, and opened the show, and those in the audience who were expecting to see a crappy singer/songwriter saw just that, but didn’t appear to be too dissatisfied. When I was done, I stayed on the floor (for there was no stage, and no need for one) and Horace Pickett came up and we performed the Horace Picket show. Again, no one seemed to want to leave, so we felt good about this. Tilted Stilts, the band that hosted us, and the band that everyone came to see, finished out the evening with their psychedelic space blues and everyone went home happy and remained happy until the monsters came.

Another successful evening at a venue. It’s nice to have those every once in a while. I hope to go back to Olympia and it’s wonderful audiences again soon!


One response to “Horace Pickett, Tilted Stilts, and Me

  1. Managed to weasel your way on to the bill to do your solo act – Love it! You’re too modest silly boy :-)- you’re a superfantastic writer, musician and performer.
    Miss you – let us know if you’re gonna be in our area!

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