A Dream

It was a sunny day on an island somewhere. Two men had climbed to the top of a mountain, which was covered in various kinds of plants. They were looking for something. They were looking for holes. The mountain represented an apartment, and the three monsters they eventually found on top of the mountain represented the holes for which they were looking. They brought the monsters down the plant-infested slope of the mountain to the beach below. Once out of the plants and into the sands, the two men and the three monsters and I stood around looking at each other. The monsters were celebrating being found. One of them, a 7-foot-tall humanoid tree with a stump for a head, wanted to give me a high-five.  We tried once, and missed. We tried again and missed again, and he was getting slightly annoyed. We tried a third time and made contact, only it was fairly weak, because we hadn’t made full contact. At that point we gave up. I was embarrassed, and the tree-person was visibly less celebratory after that. This is all I can remember.


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