Johnny Unicorn Tour – Reflections

Here's an ostrich. Picture by Johnny Unicorn.

Hundreds of years ago, my ancestors traversed this vast continent, in search of the secret treasures and mysteries of the ancients. They traveled by foot and by chariot, along dangerous trails, defeating anyone who tried to keep them from completing their quest. Also taking their stuff and killing a lot of them. But it wasn’t long before they gave up their search for underground cities of gold and the high technology of the ancient civilizations, and turned to more immediate goals, like building shopping centers and learning accounting. Today, the drive to explore is all but gone, a fading glimmer in the distant memory of a modern society.

But that desire to explore lives on in a few of us, who wander the country in search of the dreams of our ancestors, and the lost secrets of old. I carried on this search in my Summer 2010 music tour. Only this time, the road was my trail, and a car was my chariot, and the engine my horse. A guitar was my gun, and a synthesizer my other gun. Instead of stealing the possessions of the native people I encountered, I stole their hearts. I killed them with my music and laughter.

I started my journey in the far west: Seattle, WA. The birthplace of grunge, and currently home to a music scene that is so hip and exclusive that no one has ever heard any of it. To kick off the tour, I performed at a house show in Seattle a week early. Then, I went to:

1.Eastern Washington,
3.North Dakota
Then I joined another band and went to:
9.South Dakota
14.New Mexico
Then I was back by myself in:
22.North Dakota
And finally, Seattle.

It took nearly three months, and I have gained many experience points. In the following few blog posts, I will recount to you a few of the stories of my travels, many of them made-up, that I didn’t have time to include in my blog posts for the specific performances I did. In the conclusion, I will sum up the life-lesson I learned from all of this, which will probably be something about gas mileage or accounting.

Thank you and stay tuned.


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