Johnny Unicorn Tour Update – Calypso’s Coffee

Coeur D’alene, ID

Here is a picture of what part of the coffeeshop looks like.

Welcome to the tiny picturesque hamlet known throughout Idaho as Coeur D’alene. The city is as indescribable as it’s name is unpronounceable. But I will try to describe it nonetheless:

Imagine a dark blue lake, out of which heavily wooded mountains rise toward the tall blue sky, which itself is lousy with crisp, white clouds. Then imagine there was a spot with enough flat land to put a city. That is Coeur D’alene, Idaho. It’s in Northern Idaho, in the skinny bit between Montana and Washington. The part of the state that you miss on your way through because you were involved in a short text conversation in the passenger seat.

I performed at Calypso’s Coffee in the heart of downtown Coeur D’alene (I don’t think there’s any other part). The show started at 5pm and ended before 6pm. I performed for 7-10 attentive and appreciative audience members. We had a nice conversation and then I rested for a bit. It was so early that I had time to rest.

One more day ’til the tour is over.


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