Johnny Unicorn Tour Update – Pangea House

Minot, ND

Once again I was given the okay to perform a performance at Pangea House, the Minot community collective. There they have zines, art, sometimes food, free wireless, and other things for the local youth and whomever else wants to participate. They also have shows, and I played one. Boy, I sure am having a hard time forming words right now.

Jasmine brought me food, Garrett let me stay at his house, and we had lots of great times…there was even a puppet show. We all had a delicious time and the night ended pretty early, and it was just totally relaxing and cool. Everyone once again was cool.

Someone told me that of all the touring bands that have performed there, I’ve done it the most. I should probably check out some other venues in that town for the next tour, as well as this one.

North Dakota….what a state.


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