Compact Discs that I Think Sound Good

Here is a list of compact discs that I think sound really good in a decent stereo system. This is based on their recording quality as presented in a digital format. If this were a list of vinyl records, it would contain different albums, although it would probably contain some of the same. This is not a list of my favorite albums, although a few of them are my favorite albums, probably because the recording quality may have had something to do with why I liked them. There is not one album from before the 80’s. These are albums I put into a cd player to enjoy the sound quality of the recording, but not necessarily to enjoy the music. These albums just lay a nice smooth bed of sound out for me to lie on. If my least favorite band put out a record produced like any of these, I would enjoy listening to it.
Yes – 90125 (1983)
Genesis – Calling All Stations (1997)
Echolyn – Mei (2002)
Echolyn – As the World (1994)
Phil Collins – Face Value (1981)
Crash Test Dummies – God Shuffled His Feet (1993)
Beck – Sea Change (2002)
Phish – Junta (1988)
R.E.M. – Up (1998)
Tears for Fears – Songs from the Big Chair (1985)
Mr. Bungle – California (1999)
Cornelius – Point (2001)
The Pixies – Doolittle (1989)
Kenso – III (1985)
Radiohead – Kid A (2000)
Brian Wilson – Smile (2004)
The Fucking Champs – V (2002)

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