Johnny Unicorn Tour Update – Mr. Delicious

Bismarck, ND

The sign

A cool, crisp, nearly autumn day. First, I drink a juice at Smoothie Operator. Then, I do a radio show with Mike Swenson without any preparation. After that, I rush to Mr. Delicious and start setting up the equipment. A synthesizer; an amplifier; other things. The sun goes down and the audience arrives all at once in single file. They sit down in chairs and eat sandwiches and cheesecake.

The Schweitzer starts off the evening with his monstrous poetry: “Bananarama and the Bangles are broadcastin’ and ghetto blastin’ Burt Bacharach and the Beastie Boys.” DJ Antiquity then spins some soul grooves, and later is joined again by the Schweitzer for some rapping. Then I performed my set. It was a beautiful night.

Then we all went over to the Walrus, where Mike Swenson was performing with his group for their pre-cd-release show. Then there was a jam session at Nolyn’s house, followed by hours of conversations about every subject imaginable.

It was a magical night, once again. Thanks everyone.

Here's what the audience looked like from the performance area.


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