Johnny Unicorn Tour Update – Red Raven

Fargo, ND

The Red Raven Espresso Parlor

The last time I was in this city the streets were empty. It was like that movie, Night of the Comet. Most people were either piles of dust or monsters.

This time was different. There were people in town. It was like a different city. Maybe it was because it was 40 degrees cooler. A handful of those people came to the Red Raven to hear the music. Most of them had never heard the bands that played, and they came out anyway, just to check it out. So I put on the best show I know how to put on.

The other band that played was World History, a folk duo from Seattle that just started a six month tour.  Neil from that band started the website, which is a great resource for small touring acts who want to perform in venues other than sleazy nightclubs. They were great, and afterward we all hung out with Joe and Sara (Joe is one of the coffee-shop people).

Everyone was awesome and I can’t wait to see Fargo again.

An actual brick wall at the Red Raven


One response to “Johnny Unicorn Tour Update – Red Raven

  1. Hey, thanks for the Red Raven props! Yeah, it’s a more pleasant venue than your given loud club with the sticky patch on the carpet, and the regulars are from Fargo’s smart – and socially conscious – set. (Joe and Sara are among the driving forces of the F/M Community Bike Workshop, which is doing amazing work getting low-income people rolling on two wheels and generally spreading bike awareness and free tech savvy.)
    Loved your set! Flow, fluency, timing… As Q-Tip and Phife characterized each other in “Check the Rhime” – ‘on point’.
    Take care! – Paul

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