A Good Time in Fargo

I was just going to check out Fargo for a day and then head to Minneapolis, but I met this band, Nohow On that was going the same direction at me and was minus

Well, that’s weird. I remember typing a big long blog post about this show, and here it is, saved as a draft instead of published…and missing almost everything. Well, I guess you can just imagine what I may have said.


2 responses to “A Good Time in Fargo

  1. This post is originally from July 4th.

  2. If you’ve got Firefox – I’ve found out about a plugin called Lazarus that’s been a lifesaver, or rather textsaver. (It’s saved me a lot of facepalms, including just last night matter-of-fact, when Yahoo glitched and erased all the content of the latest missive to my parents!)

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