JU Tour Update – Lemonjello’s

Holland, MI

I performed at the coffeeshop Lemonjello’s on Saturday, September 4th. Among the artists that performed that night were:

Michael Bouman (the guy who played bass and guitar for me almost ten years ago), The Abscission (not the metal band), Jes Kramer (a favorite of mine because of her heartbreaking songs and that she plays a lot of instruments at once), and Pistol Brides (with former guitarist of Mighty Narwhale, and a really good band)

Since this was the town I grew up in, there were a lot of old high school chums at the show seeing me perform for the first time.  It was a quick show, and we all had a good time. Matt Scott is amazing for putting on these shows in Holland and giving a reason for a small-time touring act to bring their musical services to a small conservative town. Not to mention they have good drinks there.

That’s it…nothing silly about this post. I need to get back in my car.


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