Final SHFB Tour Update

Grand Rapids, MI

Do you want to know how our final show went at the Viceroy in Grand Rapids? Well, with one day’s notice we got like a billion people to come out to that show. When I say “we” I mean “the show.” I am not responsible for that amazing fanbase. Anyway, it was a good welcome home, and it was a fabulous show. It was great doing that same crap one more time, and really getting it right this time. It’s a really good feeling going into a show knowing exactly what you’re going to do, and being so comfortable with the other performers that you know that it’s not going to be a problem to just improv. And let me say again: what an audience! We could have sacrificed a goat up there and they would have been into it. What support! Good work, everyone.

I am now off to do my own tour. I hope to see all you people again.


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