SHFB Tour Update 17

Salt Lake City, UT

This will be the last tour update for Super Happy Funtime Burlesque for me this year. Unless we do an impromptu “help us pay for the damage we did to the RV rental” show in Grand Rapids.

I don’t think there were any mormons in the audience for the Salt Lake City show, because I don’t think they would be allowed to come to the show. I think there’s a rule in the book somewhere that says women should not be up higher than men.

Anyway, the small audience that came out to Burt’s Tiki Lounge was so awesome that we actually went to the trouble of putting some effort into giving them an adequate show. The venue was comfortable. The walls were covered in flyers and pictures. I feel like if I were hanging out in there I would never get bored. There are about a million band names on the wall.

This was the final show of the tour.

We did our best. This rag tag group of misfits was one of the best performance groups I’ve worked with. Moderately professional, and always giving 100% except when they were totally wasted drunk, these people have, over the past month, inspired me to aspire to their hard work and determination. I will split off and go back on my own, but I will never forget the memories I’ve had with this fantastic crew of artists. Memories like the time we all made stupid jokes for a really long time late at night, or the time when we ate. Some times were tough, like the time we were mad at each other, or the time when the RV broke everyday.

I will always

that is all. thanks


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