SHFB Tour Update 14?

No picture? That’s okay, you’ve all seen Los Angeles before. Remember the opening credits of the A-Team? The opening scene in Demolition Man?

As you know, our first show in L.A. county was cancelled, due to a series of freak tornados which destroyed the Capitol Records building, as well as a massive, unexplained supervolcano eruption.

So we chilled out for a couple of days until the Santa Monica show. Santa Monica you will recognize from the song by Everclear. Santa Monica is not part of the city of Los Angeles, even though there is no clear demarcation between the two. Santa Monica is unique in that it has blue and yellow street signs. One way you can tell you’re in Santa Monica and not Los Angeles is that the buses are on time.

We performed at a tiny bar called Trip. The audience was great. They could have seen any of hundreds of decent shows that night, and they picked getting drunk with us.

It was magical.


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