SHFB Tour Update 12

Flagstaff, AZ

The mountains below us, the sky above us, the sun within our eyes, we travel on. The streets, paved with the blood of the wicked, carry our cursed caravan into the heart of the mouth of madness.

The theatre was called Orpheum.

The sound check was wonderful: It was quite efficient for the engineer to just have us all raise our hands at first, and then lower them if, as he adjusted the levels in our individual monitors, we were satisfied with what we could hear.

That would have been all we needed for a good show. But then the people showed up. It looked like a few hundred people, all there to see us perform, and they all paid to get in.

Why was the show so successful? I think there can be only one answer: 60 inch posters.

The comedy love team, the Andersons.

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