SHFT Tour Update 7

This is the drum.

This is the drum the drummer plays.

After a string of whatever the opposite of a sold-out show is, we were weary and tired. Tensions were high and morale was low. Every obstacle, misstep, or complication brought on a fury of bad emotion for whomever was involved. A stubbed toe would have resulted in a temper tantrum, a misplaced apostrophe a catastrophe. We arrived at the Triple Nickel in Colorado Springs to find a stage the size of a kitchenette, with a lip on the front which would surely obscure the legs of the cast (which are, I’ve been told, important).
Fortunately there was a lot of buzz in Colorado Springs about this show, and the guest performers knew a lot of people, and there was very good promotion for the show. We felt optimistic about the show, and that kept us from losing our cool. In the end, we packed the place, and put on a great show, as I have already explained in a previous post.

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