SHFB Tour Update 8

Denver, CO

This is a window

This is a window within the Hi-Dive. This is just a few band stickers of the approximately 7 billion that exist in the U.S.

Denver, Colorado is nicknamed the “mile-high city,” and for good reason: it is exactly 5280 feet above sea level, although there’s no sea in sight. The air in Denver is so thin that you can barely see it. There are exactly 17 tall buildings in downtown Denver. All of the streets are made of bear skin. In Denver, it only snows one day out of the year: Tuesday. I’m glad we were not there on a Tuesday. The city of Denver has a population of approximately 600,000 people. That’s about 1/10,000 of the population of the Earth. That means if you put 10,000 Denvers on top of each other, it would weigh as much as the Earth.

We performed at a venue called the Hi-dive, which was aptly named, on account of the altitude and the smell.

Here’s why I liked this show: We got free meals, which were amazing. The place was packed. Everyone had fun. We had a good sound check. We had a green room. We had plenty of time before the show to relax.

I would love to play there again.

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