SHFB Tour Update 6


Here are two things that happened while on the road:

The first is a dream I had while lying on the floor of the van sleeping on the road in Kansas: I was lying on the floor of the van sleeping, but my eyes were open and my body was paralyzed. The cymbal bag and bass amplifier were about to fall out of the side of the car, and I was powerless to stop them, on account of my being paralyzed. With all my strength, I tried to make myself say the words “stop the car” over and over again, to no avail. The words would not come out. So instead, I jerked my neck back and forth about fifty times until I finally woke up to find that we were actually in no danger of dropping equipment on the road. I have these kinds of dreams at least 50 percent of the time I sleep with lights on (or outside in the daytime).

I fell asleep again and had this dream: Brandon, the show’s keyboardist, was driving the car (as he was in real life), and we came upon a major sandstorm and “brown-out” conditions. All the traffic had backed up to wait out the storm, but we were plowing ahead and paying no attention to the stopped cars. I woke up before anything happened.

The trailer's all messed up

The torn-up rim and the spare tire. The amp broke.

The second thing that happened was the following thing: The RV had overtaken the van by at least 20 miles (that was the range of our walkie-talkies), so we were not behind them like we usually are.  During this time apart, the right tire of the equipment trailer started disintegrating. The force of the rubber flapping around at 70 mph dented the metal wheel well, and presumably ripped it off and sent it flying into a ditch. Since there are already so many noises happening in the RV (like jars of peanut butter falling over, and beds shaking), no one in the RV noticed the sound of the right rim on the trailer scraping on the ground. 8 miles later, when they finally realized something was amiss, the rim was about 2 inches less in radius and completely unusable. We got a mechanic to come out and help us put on the spare. Then he took it to his shop where he had to pull the tufts of steel reinforcing wire from the axle that it had wrapped around hundreds of times (good sentence, huh?). Then, it turned out that we needed a replacement part. This part was so rare, that he had to drive, boat and balloon many miles all the way to the Far East to find it, and the store that had it only had one in stock, on a bed of straw inside a small wicker basket, stored between a mogwai and an ancient oil lamp in the back of a damp basement. Also the store was minutes away from closing for the day. If he had not gotten that part, we would have had to cancel our show that night. As it happens, we did the show, and it was fantastic. A million people showed up to this club and were super enthusiastic and supportive. The club was in Colorado Springs and was called the Triple Nickel. The people there were awesome and we did a great show. Of course, all this shaking and the dust that was generated from the trailer problem had ruined the guitar amp. So half-way through the set, the guitar amp started to malfunction. Nevertheless, we played through it and gave the audience a show they won’t soon forget…although I’m pretty sure a few of them will forget everything they did that night, but I won’t hold that against them.

Stay tuned for two blogs: one about the previous night in Kansas City, and one about the next night in Denver.

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