SHFB Tour Update 5

Lincoln, NE

Here's where we all slept. The person acting like a weirdo is Grand Rapids' funniest person, Sarah Jean Anderson.Lincoln, NE. What can I say about Lincoln, NE? The city was as hot as the surface of the sun. The concrete was melting, and sending its noxious fumes and reflected sunlight up to our feet and chins. We were being cooked from above and below, like a waffle iron. Our shoes were fused to the sidewalk. Our hair was catching fire and turning to ash. Our blood boiled. We smoked cigarettes without using lighters. Then we played a show at Knickerbockers. We put on a good show for a few people and had a good time. Then it was back to the campground where we did sacred incantations around a fire and we each sampled from a bowl of Soul-juice.

In the morning, we made our way to Lawrence, Kansas, a city named after the famous comedienne. When we arrived, we made our way to the Grenada theatre, a theatre named after the famous country. Once inside, we made our way to the stage, and put on a fabulous show for a decently-sized crowd of gracious people. Everyone gave 100% and we all had a great time. Afterward, a very generous audience member named Jessica took us into our home and let us stay there for the night. She is awesome. She even showed us her special large cooking cauldron, which she keeps in her kitchen, and her human bone collection, which she keeps haphazardly strewn about her back lawn.

What hospitality!

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