SHFB Tour Update 4

Des Moines, IA

Here is the group waiting to get into the Vaudeville Mews.

And it was off to Des Moines, IA and the Vaudeville Mews. We arrived a bit too early to get into the venue, so we waited outside in the blistering heat of the sun with no cool, shady sanctuary to escape to (the electrics were on the blink in the RV, so the fan was off and it had turned into a bikram yoga center).

When the door to the Mews was finally open, the blast of cool air that greeted us was so refreshing that we all just shut down and stopped moving for the rest of the evening, until the show began.

The stage set up

We performed for the people.

Then we had to load 3000 pounds of fragile equipment in a giant thunderstorm. We had to get from Des Moines to Lincoln, NE by 7am so we could get the RV looked at. On the way, we had to stop to wait for the rain to let up, and during that time, we saw a light from the sky explode something on the horizon, and a large section of the city just went black.

We made it, though, and now we are sleeping.

For more information:

or Joe the Cabdriver’s tale from the RV:


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