GTG Fest

Internet has been hard to come by in the past few days, as has time. But now that I’m stuck in an airport, I can talk about how great GTG Fest was.

I arrived at the festival after a beautiful night of sleeping in perhaps the most wonderful house ever built, in my own private bedroom. After that great sleep, we took off for the festival, which was held on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Ionia, MI. All the people there were friends, and they were all awesome. I was to play last, so I got to watch a lot of bands before performing. I can’t remember how many, but it was a lot.

My favorite song of the evening was a song whose chorus was “Tomorrow’s just today when today is yesterday,” by the mock-rock band, Young Dan Tucker. Another favorite moment was when the Cartridge Family read aloud a cease-and-desist letter from the city of Lansing, and then burned it. It’s funny that the city of Lansing would ban that band for “violating human rights” and “cult behavior” just because they jump around a lot and occasionally fall on people. If Lansing wants to ban something, they might want to start with the public comment section of the city council meetings.

My show started just after the sun went down. They hadn’t planned on having me play that late, so there were no lights. We had an intimate time in the dark. I played my songs to what seemed like a large crowd, and they were awesome. They danced, they sang along, and we all had a great time.

There was nothing wrong about the whole day. Everything went right that day. It was a good welcome to my home state.

I want to thank GTG, and the sound people, and the McCords and the Richards and the Danbys and people who brought and made food, and whoever paid for the portable toilets, and all the people who made that whole day a good time.

Then the stars came out. I haven’t seen stars like that in a while.


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