Fargo / Mpls shows

I performed an intimate show in the back of a coffeeshop called Red Raven in Fargo, a city with no nickname. The audience was small, but appreciative. Later, a very nice artist named Anna allowed me and Nohow On to stay in her apartment in Moorhead, Fargo’s twin city, the home of MSUM, and apparently the place to be on the 4th of July. We went out and saw a fireworks display. The next morning my computer had contracted a virus.

In Minneapolis, which has a lot of nicknames, the coolest being “the City of Flour and Sawdust,” I performed at Bedlam and shared the bill with Prima Donahue, another one-person act. We decided to perform in the bar instead of the theatre so that the inevitably small audience would look larger. The sound was great, and the audience had a great time, it seemed, and I had a great time, and I would like to thank my friend Austin for his hospitality.

That’s all the blogging I have in me.


One response to “Fargo / Mpls shows

  1. Hi JHU, this is Andrew from the Raven. If you actually come back in September I’ll try to make sure the next show isn’t quite so intimate. Also bring whatever album has the song about the bear on it, it’s been stuck in my head.

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