Spokane Show Great Time

Sunday, June 27th was the first day of my 2010 summer tour. That morning I moved out of my house, put a bunch of my stuff in storage, and whatever I forgot to store, I stuffed into my car to go on tour with me. I stopped by the copy shop to retrieve a flash drive that had all my album art for my homemade cd’s (which I had lost a month and a half earlier), and printed out some album covers, and finally left Seattle at 2pm for a show in Spokane that started at 7.

I arrived at the Empyrean at around 7:10, and luckily the show hadn’t started yet, and I was not the first act. Since I hadn’t had time to prepare my cd’s, I had to spraypaint and stamp my cd’s and put all the album covers into the cases while listening to the show. I can’t believe I got any of it done. I got to hear some excellent non-fiction storytelling and the political folk of Adam Kogler before it was my turn to take the stage. Luckily, I had rested and drunk plenty of room temperature water.

I did a quick sound check while dressed in my costume, and played my set. I managed to completely forget the lyrics to the second song (Riverpeople in the River), so I just stopped it half way through and moved on to the next song. I was so excited and happy to be there that I don’t think anyone cared. I had a really good time, and the audience in Spokane was amazing. People were very nice to me after I played, and I even signed a couple autographs!

Then Kurt (sp?) went up and did some very intense poetry, followed by Liz Rognes, who did an awesome set with her band.

So, it was a good night.

That is all.


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