1. I spilled pumpkin soup all over a bunch of folded clothing that was sitting on a curb next to a van (that also got hit with pumpkin soup). Rather than clean it up, I left it there, with the van door open.

2. I had moved to a different house. I was missing all my t-shirts, but had a full selection of blouses, none of which fit me (in my head, I kept asking myself “why did I buy a blouse that didn’t fit me?”).

3. I went back to the van to close the door and clean up the mess, and see if any of that stuff on the curb was my t-shirts. An old friend I haven’t seen in years was there, and I can’t remember exactly what we talked about or what she was doing, but I remember getting the feeling that she was doing way better at her career than I was at mine…. See More

4. A couple of old friends of mine were at my new house (the one from a couple dreams ago). Another person, whom I couldn’t see, came up behind me and gave me the worst wedgie ever…he lifted me all the way up to the ceiling, and it was very painful in ways I don’t want to share publicly. He put me down and ran away before I could figure out who it was. I got my bearings and ran off to try to find him. I went down the hall, turned a corner, and I was in a sort of pub/bar/tgifriday’s type place. Some other friends of mine were there, at a table, standing up, and I explained that “I’m looking for the person who gave me the wedgie. When I find him, I’m going to punch him in the –” I stopped myself, because I looked around and there were families seated at the booths, and I didn’t want to offend them.

In between these dreams, I had fits of sleep paralysis, during which I completely misinterpreted the world around me. Some light reflecting off a plastic container on my shelf, looked to me exactly like an alarm clock going off…and i heard an alarm clock sound, too. Of course, I couldn’t move to do anything about it, but I figured out what was happening, and rather than fight it, like I usually do, I tried to go back into a regular dream. Another time, I was convinced there was someone in the room watching me and laughing at me.

This is why I enjoy naps.

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