Website and other updates

Hello fans of ME.

I haven’t posted a blog in almost a year, and for that I sincerely apologize.

I have been in the process of moving to a new city (Seattle), and the change has made it difficult to focus on things like attempting to keep up an internet presence. But I have been working on a new website ( As of today, a lot of the links don’t work, and there’s very little content. But over the weeks, I will be adding downloadable versions of all my albums, and some unreleased material. For the downloads, all I will ask in return is for a small donation. Soon after, I will be offering actual, physical products at fixed prices. You will be able to order all of these products online directly from me, with no middle-person (except possibly Paypal).

I welcome all constructive criticism about the artwork on my website.  I also welcome all donations.

In 2010, I plan to release three albums. By April, I hope to have “Not Afraid of the Open Space” available for sale and download. By August, I hope to have “Sweet Edith Manton,” my unreleased first album. And by the end of the year, “Heavy Jugs to the Moon” will theoretically be available.

In April, presumably to “promote my new album” I plan a short West Coast tour. I would greatly appreciate any help getting shows (small or big) along the West coast. I know a lot of people in the big cities, but what I really need are some shows in the smaller towns along the way. If you know anyone from Vancouver to Tijuana who can book me a show, please contact me here or elsewhere.

Happy New Year to everybody, and let’s make 2010 the beginning of a productive decade!

Johnny Unicorn


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