Small Planet


I performed on stage at the recenty re-opened East Lansing venue, Small Planet in October. The venue is set in the outskirts of the city in a strip mall across the street from an apartment complex, the majority of whose tenants are the types of people who wear sweatshirts with the name of their college on them on a daily basis, and do keg-stands on a near-weekly basis. The old venue used to be the hippest place for underground music in Lansing. The new venue is a gigantic sports bar, with several pool tables, pinball machines, video games (including a very excellent Ms. Pacman machine), as well as dozens of expensive flat screen televisions that play sports all night. It’s a great place to go hang out with friends, and watch the game, or just drink and chat, so long as you have a designated driver. The only drawback is that there is often a live band playing, and the sound coming out of the state-of-the-art sound system is a staticky mess after the sound waves bounce all over the place in the gigantic room, and even the most beautiful collections of notes are reduced to horrible dissonance as the sound waves collide into themselves.

I commend the sound people for doing as good a job as is possible considering the condition of the room. My performance was mostly likely drowned out by itself in the massive room, but people seemed to enjoy it. That evening’s show ended with the last band being cut off half-way through their set with no warning, because they were told it was time for them to stop. Everyone left that evening feeling unhappy.

The photographs on this blog were taken by Abby Tebeau. Please go to her page and see her other wonderful pictures. The other guy in the picture is Brett McDowell. He performed with me that night for a couple of songs.

I’ll leave you with a haiku I wrote:

Whenever I see
The initials “MLK”
I think I see “MILK”



3 responses to “Small Planet

  1. Great pictures! Also, you forgot to mention that Small Planet has Big Buck Hunter.

  2. True, and you will spend big bucks playing it, too.

  3. Awesome haiku, John!

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