Review – Put Your Mind Inside My Mouth


Here is a review of my most recent album from Jason Adams:

[Put Your Mind Inside My Mouth] reminds me of a psychedelic, electronically reworked Stravinsky; totally cliche-breaking in the Deleuzean sense (i.e., the Francis Bacon book), interrupting the predictable musical patterns seared into our brains, but without being entirely dissonant in the process, ala Schoenberg; in other words, a consonance of dissonance, a rhythmia of arhythmia, a delicate balance of order and chaos that is only rarely deployed in so fine a manner.”
This album is available for download at my bandcamp site. It’s four dollars there, but if you search really thoroughly, you can find it for free.

Thank you for your support.


One response to “Review – Put Your Mind Inside My Mouth

  1. I had the pleasure of listening to this album with Johnny this last summer in Indiana. This album is a mansion with many rooms, strange corridors and hidden passages, which seamlessly morph into one another. This is an album that you sink into, that won’t let you go – what an album should be: a journey inside the mind of one of America’s most innovative progressive composers.

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